Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MCM Sleeper Couch and Chairs auf Deutschland Estate Sale Find

100% of the credit for this Mid Century Modern find goes to the boss! She is always on the lookout for Mid Century Modern pieces of furniture and decor. She spied this set in the online ad for the sale. The sale started on Saturday, but due to some other obligations, we didn't make it on Saturday. The wife lamented not going later in the day. I suggested that she call the Estate Sale Company, since they listed a cell phone number in the ad, which she then did. Surprise! The set was still available. The Estate Sale Company suggested we arrive promptly the next morning at 9:00 am when the doors opened. 

Have you ever have one of those busy days when you never had a chance to read the paper or turn on the news, where someone reminds you to reset your clock for daylight saving's time? Well, we set our alarms to wake up at 7:30 am not realizing that we sprang forward that night. We woke up on time, or what we thought was 7:30 am. We soon realized something was amiss when we looked at our cell phones and the time was an hour later! Needless to say we arrived at the sale at around 9:15 am. 

Joy! Joy! The set was still for sale! We sat down on the couch and immediately found them very comfortable and much to our liking. We had come mainly for the couch, but found the chairs to be to our liking also. As it was the 2nd day of the sale, the price was half off the original price. Since we decided on taking the entire set, we were able to negotiate an even lower price. 

The condition was typical of an older piece of  furniture. It looked well cared for, but had the usual fabric stains and wear expected. The wood is either birch or maple and that was in good shape too. Eventually, we plan to have the cushions recovered and the wood reconditioned or refinished depending on a professional evaluation. 

Now we had to figure out how to get it all home as we own what we call our vehicle, a Mazda 5, a mini mini van. Not a major hauler of large items! Shockingly, we were able to fit all of the pieces in the car with the seats down and the legs removed from the couch. 

The family who was selling the set was pleased that we were keeping the set together. They had purchased it many years ago in Germany when they were stationed overseas. They did not recall the maker and I have yet to find any labels or makers marks. I'm all ears if anyone has any ideas or know who the manufacturer was.

One of the reasons the boss was interested in this couch was it's ability to convert into a sleeper! 

The seat cushion part rotates on a set of tracks at the same time expanding the length of the couch.

Where you add the seat back cushions to make a bed! How cool it that!

The matching chairs have the typical Fagas straps and clips which I'll will buy in the near future as I have some other chairs that need re-strapping also.

BTW, anyone want to buy a sectional?

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