Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tiki Torches & Sunflowers

Saturday found us dropping off our son for an early morning chess tournament which happened to be close to an Estate Sale we wanted to go to. After reading the ad for the sale, our 1st thought was that this one was going to be too clean and not packed enough for us. We couldn't have been more wrong.  One of my favorite finds is a set of Aluminum Tiki Torches. These are very large and look like they would hold enough oil to burn for months...

A little cleaning and some poles are in order.

Another interesting find is this map from 1952 that is 17" x 22" and features maps for canoeing through areas of Minnesota and Canada.

Found some MCM Christmas ornaments......

Picked up some 70's vintage stereo speakers made by Acoustic Research of Boston, MA. These are the model AR-6s and are considered classics to the audiofile. They need work, but will be up for sale on Ebay soon.

The favorite find of the day is this Sunflower needlepoint wall's already made itself at home....just needs some TLC and a hook.

Oh a chainsaw and some other man toys.....I'm happy..
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