Thursday, October 30, 2014

Paint Burning a Hole in my Pocket......

Summer just disappeared too fast this year. I had high hopes to complete numerous outdoor projects. Although I got a fair amount of them completed, life got in the way and didn't allow me to finish all of them. One of them was to paint the Salterini wrought iron furniture I've picked up at Estate Sales over the years. I had gone through all of the left over spray paint I had accumulated and decided that some of it was destined to find a home on some of these pieces. The 1st piece painted was a table that might or might not be Salterini as it was bought with a couple of the Salterini chairs I have. Sorry, no before or after, but here is the result:

I just love orange! This came out better than I imagined it would. 

Next on the list was one of the Salterini Cantilever Rocker Chairs I have. This chair had been repainted by a previous owner at least once, maybe even twice.

1st step was to scrape/sand/wire brush all the loose paint off:

Hard to believe, but that is a teenager doing some real manual labor! 

We spent a good amount of time trying to get down to the bare metal where possible. In the end, we got off the really loose stuff and sent it to the painting area. Here are the results:

I still have 3 more of these chairs to paint. With chilly weather setting in, I won't get to the others until Spring.

Prior to doing the painting I found a place that for around $ 150 a chair, you can have these chairs stripped and powder coated your choice of colors. Is it worth it? Maybe if I win the Power Ball Lottery....
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