Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mechanix Illustrated Snapshot into the Past

As part of that group called the "Baby Boomers", I particularly enjoy looking at old magazines from the MCM era of the 1960's. A while back at an Estate Sale, I picked up some old issues of Mechanix Illustrated from 1966 that have some fascinating articles, ads and pics.

As a self professed Gearhead, I always gravitate to reading the articles about the cars from that period. In the March 1966 issue, Tom McCahill files a glowing report about the 1966 Chevrolet Caprice. This beast comes equipped with a 427 cu in big block motor. The car delivers some surprising performance for a car of this period. Needless to say, I would gladly take a 427 in my full size Chevy. Enjoy reading as Tom McCahill pulls no punches and provides a rather entertaining perspective.


Mimi, where are you now? My bowling style could use your training aid. Love the oufit.....

Mario, you the man! 

Do you think if I sent in the 15¢ I could still get the 16 page pocket catalog?

For you Ford fans, here is Tom McCahill's review of a Mercury Cyclone also with a big block motor. Tom's descriptions and sense of humor is priceless.......

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