Monday, November 19, 2012

Car Guy here..... here I am sitting here at work on my lunch break eating my kids swiss rolls, thinking about my fantasy garage of cars I would have if I was rich like Jay particular order, but here's a few:

Saab Sonnett, such a classic car with a very cool Ford designed V4 engine.

Lamborghini Muira, to me this is such a stunningly beautiful car. Always visually stimulating to look at.

Porsche 914/6, always an interesting car that handles like a go-kart.

Mini Cooper, Iconic British Design....1st truly efficient front wheel drive car!

Audi Quatro, Balls out the car to have if you want to drive fast off road!

Ford GT40, one of Fords best efforts with help from Carroll Shelby...


Porsche 906/910, Another fine example from Dr. Porsche!

Abrahms, yeah I know, this isn't a car, but you always need something to move the traffic out of the way when trying to get to the In-Laws on time or when needing to blow the shit out of something.

Chevrolet Impala SS, A garage just isn't complete without some bad ass American Iron sporting a 427 Big Block Bow Tie Motor. I've always loved the mid 60's Impala fastback models. Doomsday is a current 1/4 mile car running in England that the Brits did up right!

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