Friday, November 30, 2012

Eye Candy

Along with the MCM furnishings and decor I enjoy, I also like what I characterize as "Eye Candy" it what you will, but I love to look at old photos. Particularly period pieces that show old cars, boats, trains, planes, buildings, or bridges that evoke a different era. There is something about looking at these older images that brings a certain enjoyment. I have found this site called Shorpy that publishes a ton old pictures that they find in the National Archives and other sources. I find that these photos are exceedingly fascinating. WARNING! WARNING! Wil Robinson, you can waste a lot of time on this site! Here's some examples of the many images they have:

Speaking of time wasters, I also love motorsport and have found a site that publishes fabulous shots taken of the WRC (World Rally Championship) Series Cars. These drivers have the largest you know whats in the world..... How these drivers get their cars and trucks to do some of these acrobatics shown, and live to tell about it, in the following photos is beyond explanation!

    Are those really tires tracks?

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